An anthemic pop soundtrack will lay the beat for 10 everyday Gold Coasters to reveal their extraordinary dancing talent as they lead a cast of hundreds of local community dancers through the newest dance sensations which say to the world, we are, the everyday people of the Gold Coast and yes, we dance!


You will be invited to release your inhibitions, hit the dance floor and bust out some new moves as you join the party, losing yourself in the music and the movement.


Created by Gold Coast company Everybody NOW and part of Bleach* at Festival 2018, Yes! We Dance will be a humorous and joyful experience happening across four nights on the Roundabout Stage.

You Should Be Dancing

You Should Be Dancing premiered at the 2016 Brisbane International Arts Festival, playing to thousands of audience members over an eight night season and starring hundreds of Brisbane’s dancing stars.


Designed as a festival style, participatory and inclusive performance event the show is created with professionals and local social dance groups. 

You Should be Dancing is a non-stop, exhilarating party experience hosted by a charming MC who will share some of the rich local and dazzling dance history throughout the night.

In addition to the hundreds of local dancers, community groups and dance instructors involved, You Should Be Dancing stars, our Dance Captain deluxe will teach you all the moves, and our very own queen of the decks, disco DJ Diva, who will laydown the tracks for you to bust out the grooves you didn’t even know you had.


So, throw on some sparkles and your best threads and get ready to rock the floor in your kicks and heels. You Should Be Dancing is the ultimate ‘all together now’, dance through the decades that will leave you smiling from ear to ear, a little breathless and hopefully still discovering glitter and your newly found moves for days to come!

The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair

Ladies and gentlemen, take to the floor for the ultimate night at the Dance Hall!

Part theatre performance, part get up and dance, this is an all ages performance event that immerses everyone in an evening of old time and new time dance floor magic. From the two-step to the twerk, tango to a cheeky cha cha, a waltz to funky free-styling grooves,


The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair go-go’s its way through a celebration of decades of dance.

Featuring a heart stopping musical mash up by a live band, a charming MC, light footed guest stars and heart-warming real stories from local community legends, this is an exhilarating night on the dance floor.

By the end of the show your dance card will be full and you will be armed with a tool kit of essential dancing moves. There will be prizes, supper and of course, a meat tray.