Twenty seniors

70 – 98 years young

Took a bold leap into the world of slam poetry


Words emerged from shared stories

Capturing moments that have shaped their lives


They came together as strangers

and left as wordsmiths


In June - July 2019, a group of passionate and powerful seniors had the chance to be a part of the slam poetry revolution under the guidance of an expert poet and literary performer, David Stavanger.

Gran Slam is a collaboration between Everybody NOW and Feros Care; two organisations committed to smashing stereotypes and supporting communities to live bolder lives.

This project certainly achieved that!

"The participants have taken the microphone with both hands and talked about their inner most fears, their reflections on life, but also the kind of joy, strength and resilience they have after a lifetime of experiences,"

Kate Baggerson, Executive Producer


The project consisted of a series of poetry workshops that aimed to inspire the wordsmiths of wisdom to give voice to their ideas and experiences. Throughout the workshops the emerging older poets worked on several individual pieces as well as a group poem edited by David Stavanger. The poem 'If I died tomorrow' was presented as a performance film and screened at a Feros Care bespoke event at Byron Writers Festival. 

These Gran Slammers are people with a declaration to make, a voice to be heard, an opinion to be penned – regardless of prior experience in poetry. The Gran Slam project gave them the skills and platform to express themselves through prose and performance, and access to a wealth of knowledge that made the final performance a riveting success.

Feros Care's Tarnya Sim

"One of the things that seniors often comment about is that they feel invisible. This project really puts them on the map and allows their voices, which are so important, to be heard."


"Since I started doing Gran Slam, I can't stop writing! I have woken up at 4am,  writing, writing, writing.  I said to myself "why do I write so much? I need only a few lines!" but it was just so interesting, and the words just kept coming.

Nina Marzi - Gran Slam Participant & Feros Care Village Residenct

98 years

- Behind the Scenes Video -
- Poetry Film Clip "If I Died Tomorrow"  -




Roger Matthews

Age 81

Labrador QLD


Self-proclaimed as the only South African born Aussie bush poet, Roger has travelled the world and sailed the South Seas but his favorite place to be is huddled beside a campfire with a glass of red, reciting some of his favourites… to anyone who’ll listen. A romantic at heart, he has his cellar stocked and his sight set on 90!


Lilith Rocha

Age 77

Byron Bay, NSW


Astrology columnist by day and poet by night, Lilith spins planets, words and her two new hips as the leader of a local hula troupe.  


Her poetry is as mysterious and alluring as her life: from name changes, to being a famous artist’s nude, to studying healing arts and South Pacific crafts, to riding camels in Rajasthan, Lilith’s loops around the Sun have been out of this world, and she’s only just getting started. What’s next? Well, learning Spanish to travel through Mexico and that’s just for starters.


Margaret Sparks

Age 76

Broadbeach QLD


You name it, she has done it. Margaret’s checklist includes a motherly hat-trick, inspiring artists with her presence and charting the four corners of this round world. Self-described as a blend of sophistication, hippie and everything in-between, Margaret is a passionate environmentalist, actually passionate, full stop. Continuing to blaze through life she’s not shy of a challenge and pushing herself to try new things, including Gran Slam. Oh and in her spare time, she has also self-published a collection of her memoirs, just in case she forgets something – but we suspect not!





Aaron Blomeley

Alan Harkness
Barry Hicks

Eugen Sauter

Felicity Gordon
Hugh Webster

Jo-Anne King

Julie Crow

Lilith Rocha

Lyn Thomson

Margaret Sparks
Nina Marzi

Robbie Wesley

Roger Matthews

Ruth Savage

Sheron Young

Wendy Taylor

Feros Care

Jennene Buckley                     CEO

Tarnya Sim                               Creative Marketing Lead
Cassia De Oliveira Cruz           Project Officer, Marketing


Everybody NOW!

David Stavanger                       Lead poet and workshop facilitator

Kate Baggerson                        Executive Producer

Ian Pidd                                     Performance Director short film

Daniele Constance                   Project Co-ordinator

Logan Preste                            Sound Design

Art-work Agency

Claudio Kirac                            Assistant Director/ Editor

Mike Calvino                             Director of photography

Laura Strange                          Production Assistant

Dave Read                                Editor

Thank you

To the whole Feros team and Village Residential teams, Art-work Agency, Paul Briggs at Sanctum Forge Boxing Studio, Promedia and to the extraordinary participants who penned their bold ideas and voiced their vulnerabilities and passions.


"What a growth Gran Slam has added to my life! I am able to see poetry in everything. I lost so many inhibitions and have emerged so much braver and ready for anything."

Wendy Taylor Gran Slam Participant - 80 years

Gran Slam © Everybody NOW!