The collective’s core creative artists are Kate McDonald, Ian Pidd and Bec Reid.


They have worked together for many years wearing many artistic hats but formed the ultimate trifecta for the creation of The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair, commissioned by Bleach* Festival, March 2015 and now touring nationally. They loved working together so much and their new collaborators on the Gold Coast, that Everybody NOW! was formed.  


Everybody NOW! is project-based collective dedicated to the creation of high quality, community engaged, participation based, performance and art experiences created on and from the Gold Coast, Australia. 


The vision for this collective is one that is flexible and responsive, evolving as new and exciting collaborations presents themselves. They are currently creating a series of large –scale dance projects; The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair, You Should Be Dancing, The Grande Progressive.


Everybody NOW! led by Ian Pidd, Kate (McDonald) Baggerson and Bec Reid along with a cohort of talented collaborators, are a collective of performance makers and producers who create participatory and large-scale experiences that are celebratory and playful, propelled by passion and curiosity.

They are project-based collective dedicated to the creation of high quality, community engaged and participation based performances that are created on and from the Gold Coast, Australia, that reach out to collaborators nationally and internationally.

The collective was formed in 2015 after the commissioning of The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair which has since gone on to showcase at APAM and tour the country. In the last three years the group have been commissioned by major festival’s nationally including Bleach* Festival, Brisbane Festival, Darwin Festival and Festival 2018 for the GC2018 Commonwealth Games, to create a trilogy of large-scale public dance projects; The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair, You Should Be Dancing and Yes! We Dance.

The group have become known for their inclusive and joyful brand of socially engaged dance and theatre projects. In fact since 2015 they have danced with over 22,000 people between the ages of 3 – 83 (in fact older) across Australia. 


Everybody NOW is about, real stories and real people. Everybody. NOW!


Ian Pidd

Ian Pidd is a Melbourne based freelance director of theatre and festivals.   

Bec Reid

Bec is a performer, producer, director, choreographer and engagement specialist. 

Kate Baggerson

Kate is a Gold Coast based producer of festivals, community cultural development projects and multi-art events.


City of Gold Coast

Feros Care

HOTA, Home of The Arts

Bleach Festival

Woodford Folk Festival

Brisbane Festival

City of Darebin
City of Boroondara

Ar Tour
Red Ridge Interior
Outback Festival

Festival 2018
The Moves Festival

Bundanon Trust

Art Is...Festival

City of Whittlesea

David Stavanger
All The Queens Men

Nadia Sunde

Byron Coathup

Liz Woods

Nick Lavers

Kristian Santic

The Rooftops

Sex on Toast

Josh Wilkinson

Darcy Grant
Gregory Lorenzutti

Luke McDonald

Tim Morrissey

Scott Bromiley

James Wright

Rafael Karlen

Tamara Rewse

Christian Baggin

Emily Tomlins

Daniele Constance

Logan Preste

Chris Paget
Alex Podger
Melissa Western
Alicia Min Harvie
Charles Thomas Ball
Hsin-Ju Ely

Travis Ross

Ashleigh White
Daniela Farinacci
Christian Bagin

Claudio Kirac 

Michelle Xen

Luke Smiles

Felicity Horsley

Benge Ballen

Aimee Gray

Dan Witton

Hannah Murphy

Yvette Turnball

Carmel Duffy

Richard Vabre

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Acknowledgement Of Country

Everybody NOW acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live, learn and work. We offer our respect to Elders past, present and future; and to all First Nations people whose sovereignty was never ceded.

Everybody NOW! Is supported by the City of Gold Coast